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Just A Social Visit

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Drunk Wife

My wife told me she had done glory hole with an x boyfriend....Should i ask her to do one for me?

My Fetishes

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I'm just very highly sexed and particularly enjoy highly sexed mature women who know how to let their inhibitions go and can be filthy submissive whore for me to dominate.

I find most women attractive and particularly enjoy smartly turned out women with full figure, shoulder length hair, demure on the surface but a real slut underneath that...

Naked Days In The Uk



Been Waiting For A Reason To Post A Blog..

..then I realised maybe I dont need a reason?

Day off today, sun is shining but I am indoors with my cotton fetish :-)

One day I'll go out in these, thats the fantasy at least.

Best not I guess :-B

David D.

A Long Story.....

I met my hubby many years ago and one of the many things that we really connected on with one another was sex.

We both have high sex drives and in our first year together ended up in one sexual situation or another every time we met.

As part of our repetoire, we started to take naughty pics which quickly moved onto videos.

I then started to...

Holiday Fun

Recent holiday fun.
On a recent holiday to Greek islands we had the sexiest holiday ever, the sun and greek brandy making Fi randy as fuck, we were sat by the pool of our small couples only apartments isolated from all large hotels = (no screaming ***) when a new couple arrived, Martin & Janice both early 50’s she was very hot and nicely...


for couple like us


Love meeting new friends there in the summer

From: Looking For Fun With Guys And Couples


Source: Looking For Fun With Guys And Couples

Horny Hubby

My hubby asked me for a blowjob on the kitchen worktop in full view of the window, I had to oblige, as I sucked him off he told me to finger myself and said how much he loves me being a dirty little bitch which got me very wet and wanting more than a finger so when he asked where I wanted to be fucked I instantly wanted it there in front of the...

Snowplough Clearing

Snowplough clearing

One day when we didn't ski because it had dumped and got windy, we were in our camper van in a French resort in the Alps in a big car park reserved for camper vans.

Instead we had planned a bit of a sexy afternoon I had set up the vid cam and ...

Getting It

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Lazy Saturday morning, on vacation. The windows are open, the blustery breeze off the lake is blowing the curtains around, I wake up with an erection, grab my Mac and see it's a bit before 7:00. She's sound asleep. So I join chat and engage a few folks with this and that and describe what I like and acknowledge the few who comment on our...

Honorary Vip Member ?

Good morning fellow/ladies posters. Can someone tell me where I can find out what the different references me and how they are assigned. They are usually found under the users name in each post. :unsure:

For instance, ours says Honorary VIP Member??

What does this mean and how do you achieve these different levels for lack of a better...

Tasked At Work

I went to work in a dress one day this week again. This was not, as my Master suggested, because I wanted him to set me tasks but simply because I'd neglected to do the ironing lol. He wanted to play with the dice again but first asked me to find some 'hurty things'. My office is sparse and I couldn't find anything new that could...

Stockings In Public

So do guys like to see a wife wearing stockings and get a flash now and again.....?

Elaine & 3 Young Men

Over the years of swinging and sharing we had developed a trust and faith in each other when it came to finding sexual partners. When Elaine was in the mood she would let me know by wearing something provacative or wearing sexy lingerie under conservative dresses. We had gone to a friends daughters wedding. Elaine looked stunning in her heels...

My First Mmf Threesome

Although 100% gay to date, I believe in trying anything once. I spotted this ad on Craig's List by a MF couple who wanted somewhere convenient to meet for sex, as they both had partners. The guy who posted the ad said he was bi, and as well as the two of them having sex they would like a large-cocked male who would join them in a...

My Wife And Other Men's Cocks (Part 5)

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Denise told me that in the first few days after her "flashing incident" that she had started to fantasise more and more about what she had seen and what she might have done etc. Denise told me that she couldn't stop thinking about her initial shock at seeing his exposed cock and with him using her as an unwitting participant as he...

Flashing For Ladies In My Car

I have always loved showing off my cock for any ladies who want to see from my car,it started accidently as I was rubbing my cock as I was at some traffic lights and noticed a woman in a van at the side of me looking on intently,I was startled at first as I didn't intend anyone to see but when I realised she was enjoying it I carried on...
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