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New Club Visit

A new club had opened in a nearby town to me. Diane contacted me and asked if I wanted to give it a try with her. We arranged that I would pick her up and we would go together.

I picked Diane up as arranged. She was dressed in a very sexy body stocking outfit with a small skirt and thigh high boots. She had a jacket on so it hid that she was wearing a very lacy half cup bra which did nothing to hide her nipples. She looked fantastic.

We got the club which was in an industrial estate, parked and went inside. We were left to explore the place on our own. We wandered around and both said we were a bit underwhelmed. It was billed as a club with a jacuzzi. The jacuzzi was in fact a blow up jacuzzi which could hold about 3 people at a push. There were many small rooms with lockable doors, a dungeon area in the basement, a roof area with the jacuzzi and a number of social rooms. There was no area to sit and chat in a group though. We found a couple of chairs in an alcove and chatted. The social area was really too small and not conducive to being able to sit in groups.

As we chatted some more people arrived. Most seemed to know each other and broke off into small areas. Diane and I had a walkabout after an hour or so but there was nothing going on. None of the rooms were closed. We both agreed that we had been spoilt by the normal club we went to; the facilities and that it was open throughout the day. We also noted that most of the people there were a lot younger than us. Diane said she was ready to leave as by now it was getting well after midnight. As we got ready to leave, a couple were getting into the jacuzzi but that was it.

On the way back we said the club was OK but we wouldn’t be rushing back to it. Maybe in a few months when it was better known and more people might be there. I later found out that there were so many small rooms as the place had previously been used as a massage parlour.

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Spunky n Q 

03 April 2019 - 08:42 AM
But you have to go and see these things to make a judgement
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