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Social Meeting And A Dreamer

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I had been messaging Sue and John for about a year on and off ever since they had first contacted me. They lived about 150 miles from me in a town where I had been lucky to have visited when meeting a number of people in my journey. Every 6 months or so, I get to visit their town through work and had tried to arrange to meet them previously but they had not been free then. I was going to be back in the town and sent them a message. This time it was looking hopeful that we would finally meet.

We arranged that we would meet in a pub and just see what happened. I got to the pub and was sitting reading the paper when I saw they had arrived. Sue was a very slim lady with dark hair wearing a black dress. They said hello and joined me. We chatted and I was getting on well with John but Sue was not joining in the conversation much. Also from her body language, I didn’t think anything would happen.

Sue got up and went to the toilet. When she was away, John said that he was pretty certain that Sue was not going to do anything and that they would be leaving soon. I said that it was not a problem and that I had come to the same conclusion. We were proved right when Sue came back and they left about 10 minutes later. Later we exchanged verifications on the site to show that we were all genuine.

After they had left, I went to a local restaurant to get some food. I had just ordered when I noticed I had a message on the site from a single lady. She said she had noticed we were close and were both staying in a hotel in the area. We swapped messages and discovered that we were in fact staying in the same hotel.

Although it was all looking promising, I was very sceptical about this lady. She had been on the site for over a year but had no verifications and was not phot verified. The lack of verifications in itself doesn’t mean she was not genuine – just that she might not have met anyone. But this seemed unlikely as she had contacted me first. The photo verification is when the person has submitted a photo with them holding a piece of paper showing their user name. This helps to identify the men pretending to be women etc.

We arranged that we would meet in the hotel bar for a drink and chat then see what happened. I asked her for a photo showing her face so I would know who to look for. She sent one which showed a very attractive blonde.

I ate my dinner, went to my room and cleaned my teeth before going to the bar. I had a look round but couldn’t see anyone that looked like the lady. I got a drink and sat down in a corner. I sent her a message saying where I was sat. She replied saying she couldn’t see me. I said I couldn’t see her either. Then it dawned on me…..was there another bar? I asked her which bar was she in. She replied the penthouse bar on the top floor of the hotel. I was in the lobby bar. I sent her a message saying I would be up straight away.

I took the lift to the top floor and walked into the bar to see…….just a single man! He looked up from his phone as I walked in. I double checked with the barman that this was the only bar on that level. It was. I walked out and waited for the lift. As I was waiting for it, I sent a message to the “lady” saying well done and it had been a good wind up. I wasn’t disappointed as I had never really thought that it was a lady who was contacting me.

In my room, I sent a message to the Admin of the site and the profile was quickly taken offline. So ended an interesting evening.

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