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Back Street Drunken Fumblings

Not really a swinging experience but another tale from my sexual experiences....

I was away with work staying in a hotel in the South East. I had tried to arrange a meeting but nothing had come of the messages so I decided to go out for a pint or three instead. Being mid week, It was pretty quiet with a few people in the pub. I spotted a single lady sitting in one of the booths. I went up to the bar and ordered another pint just as the lady came up to get another drink.

We exchanged a few words and then started to chat. It wasnít a pick up or anything, just two people starting to talk. It was clear she had had a more than a couple of glasses, same as I had. We sat and talked for a bit about nothing in particular. I finished my drink and bought another round. We carried on chatting. I reached down for my pint at the same time as she reached for hers and our fingers brushed against each other. We looked at each as that happened and smiled.

The touch turned into hand holding and then a kiss over the table. After the kiss we agreed to go outside where it was less public. We walked out and I held Karenís hand as she was a little unsteady on her feet by then. The fresh air didnít help either. We walked about a bit trying to find somewhere dark and quiet and ended up in a side street. We took each other in our arms and kissed. Karen moved her hand over my cock so I realised she wanted more than a kiss. She was wearing black leggings and a top which came down over her bum. I felt her bum through the leggings with one hand and rubbed her pussy through her leggings and knickers with my other hand. We would have gone further there and then but the street was quite open and a couple of people walked past.

I took Karenís hand again and led her off to try and find somewhere better. She was whispering how much she wanted me and how much she needed sex. I found another side street which led off to a dark alley then behind a building. This looked promising so I started to kiss Karen again. Then as she felt my cock through my trousers, I put my hand down the front of her leggings. I felt she was closely trimmed and then slipped a finger between her pussy lips. I started to rub her clit and could feel she was quite wet already.

I rubbed her pussy for a minute or so and heard her start to moan. I suddenly realised her moans had changed and had started to cry! I immediately stopped and put both hands on her shoulder asking Karen what was wrong. She didnít answer but had tears running down her face. I got out my hankie and wiped her tears away before walking her out of the alley into the lit street. As we walked out of the alley, I spotted a small CCTV camera high up on a wall. It was one of those ones you can buy to see who is at your door. I think it was working as it had a small flashing red led light showing.

Karen calmed down and stopped crying once we back in the light. She said it was nothing to do with me but just her being silly. In a previous job, I had seen numerous reports where there was an allegation of rape or sexual assault where the lady was drunk and got into a situation she had later regretted so I wanted to make sure Karen was OK with what had happened. We spoke a bit more before I said that I would walk her to the bus or get her a taxi. She said the bus was fine. We walked round to the bus stop, about half a mile away. As we were getting to the bus stop, she asked me if I wanted to go home with her. I wasnít keen as I didnít want her to get upset again. Plus I knew that by then, the beer I had drunk was having an effect and I wasnít sure I would be able to get perform fully.

I said that I was back in the area the following week and we could meet then. Karen still kept saying she wanted to go back with her, how much she wanted to suck my cock and how she liked to swallow. I kept saying next week. We got to the bus stop just as the bus was arriving. I put Karen on the bus and asked her where her ticket was. She didnít have one and no money so I paid her fare for her and leapt off the bus as it pulled away with her still asking me to come with her and a knowing smile on the face of the driver.

Believe it or not but this was the first time I have ever picked up someone in a pub like this. It will probably be the last time too!

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08 September 2012 - 12:47 PM
Great storey Muppet with an odd ending, never been in that situation when a lady is on/off like that but that maybe because most run away at first sight. Just goís to show you that you never can tell whatís around the next corner.


15 September 2012 - 04:27 PM
Thanks Donut
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