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“I Do Love The Swing After All….”

I had a message from Diane asking if I was free the following day as she was planning on going to the club. I said I was and we arranged that I would pick her up enoute.

I met Diane and we chatted as I drove to the club. She told me that she had been messaged by Josie and Dan to say they were going to be there too but wouldn’t be there until after we work.

We got to the club, paid our entrance, got undressed, showered, sat in the jacuzzi, had a tea and then Diane asked me to give her a massage as usual. I massaged Diane until she took my hard cock in her mouth. She sucked it as I tried to carry on with the massage but gave up and played with her pussy. We played with each other as well as doing oral on each other. I asked Diane if I could fuck her but she said later. We left the room to get a drink.

Diane and I were sitting in a room chatting to a couple of men. After a bit I said I was going to sit in the jacuzzi as I was getting a little cold. Diane said she would join me later. I was sitting in the jacuzzi when I was joined by Joanne. I had met Joanne about 3 years previously. I had been talking to her in the pool. As she got out, she said she might be going to a room later and if I wanted to, I could join her. I had gone to find her later but she was cornered by a bloke who was talking about which was the best pool to train for swimming the English Channel. I managed to break into the conversation as ask Joanne if she was ready to find a room but she said after that conversation, she was not in the mood. We had seen each other over the years and chatted to each other but never played. I assumed she was no longer interested in me as she had never suggested playing together after that first time.

Joanne and I chatted as we were alone in the jacuzzi. She asked if I was with anyone. I said I was with Diane and that we had been in the massage room but she was talking to people now. Joanne asked if I was in the mood to give another massage as she could do with one. I said I would get my bottle of oil and join her in the massage room.

Joanne laid her towel on the bed and lay on top of it. I started to massage her back and legs. Once I had worked on those areas, I massaged her bum. I was keeping it as a straight massage until Joanne opened her legs letting me see her pussy lips. I took the hint and ran my hand over her bum and between her legs. I ran my finger over her lips and caressed her clit as I did that. Joanne turned over and I continued to massage her. By now my cock was making its presence known by brushing against Joanne’s body as I massaged her.

She reached over and took it in her hand. I leant over her and took one of her nipples in my mouth. My hand ran over her leg as she opened them wide and I covered her pussy with my hand. I slipped a finger between her lips and felt her wet pussy. I played with her pussy as she played with my cock. Joanne pulled my cock closer to her head, rolled over slightly and took it in her mouth. Joanne sucked my cock as I played with her pussy and nipples. I thought it fair to return the favour so moved, climbed onto the bed between Joanne’s legs and went down on her pussy. I licked her until she said to put a condom on.

I did as I was told and then fucked Joanne from behind as well as on top of her. We fucked until she came. After that she said she needed a break. As we sorted ourselves out, I said about the bloke talking about the swimming pools when we first met and how he had ruined the mood for her. We chatted and it turned out that we had both misunderstood each other. I thought she wasn’t interested in me after that first time as she hadn’t said anything again and she thought I wasn’t interested as I hadn’t asked her again….! We agreed that next time we were there at the same, we’d play again.

I got a drink and went to find Diane. I found her in the same room talking to Josie and Dan. They asked if I’d had a good time as they had looked through the window as I was with Joanne. We chatted for a while. Dan said to Diane about the swing and how much Josie liked to have sex in it. Diane said she wasn’t a great fan of them. Dan said she had to try it again. He said he and Josie were going to go the swing room and we could join them.

The four of us went to the room and Josie sat in the swing and laid back with her legs restrained in the straps so they were spread and raised. Dan stood by her head and she started sucking on his cock. Diane got between Josie’s legs and went down on her pussy. Some months previously, Josie had said to me that as we were friends we wouldn’t play together again. So I sat in a chair watching what was going on. I did have a little stroke of my cock under the towel while watching Dan having his cock sucked by Josie and Diane going down on her.

Dan moved and called me over to Josie. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and said to stick mine in. Josie looked up and nodded. I didn’t need asking twice and dropped my towel and gave Josie my cock to suck. Dan moved and played with Josie’s tits as I had my cock sucked. A few minutes later and Josie took Dan in her mouth. I moved behind Diane and tried to fuck her from behind as she licked Josie. I couldn’t get the angle right and Diane looked at me and said I was too big to get in at that angle.

Dan said it was time for Diane to get in the swing. Josie climbed out and Diane took her place. Josie got between Diane’s legs and went down on her pussy. Dan and I took it in turn to be sucked by Diane until Dan moved behind Josie. He pulled her up so she was bent forward while still licking Diane. He fucked Josie for a bit until she came. Once she had cum, they moved to one side so I moved to get between Diane’s legs. I pulled her forward in the swing and let my cock enter her very wet pussy. I stood still and used the swing to pull Diane onto my cock. I fucked her like that as Dan and Josie played with each other and watched us. It didn’t take long before Diane said she was going to cum. I pulled her hard onto my cock and she came. I continued to use the swing to fuck her through the orgasm.

Once she had cum, she said enough. I pulled out and as we gathered our towels Diane said “I do love the swing after all”. I said it did look like she had. The four of us went back to get a drink and sat chatting for a bit longer before Diane said she was ready to leave. Josie and Dan said they were too so we got dressed and left.

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Spunky n Q 

31 March 2019 - 10:13 AM
another terrific write up and making me envious again
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