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“Is That Too High For You…?

I was able to book a place at the other club I go to. The club was not too busy but there were some familiar faces including James, again in his alter ego of Marie and his wife Tracy.

I had a wander around, a sit in the jacuzzi and chatted to a few people. But all in all it was a quiet night. That is until I went into the Dark Room and found Marie playing with Tracy. Tracy was laid on a bed with Marie playing with her tits and pussy. I stood by the side of the bed until Marie said to play with Tracy’s tits. I did as I was told and played her tits. I bent over and sucked Tracy’s nipples as Marie stood between Tracy’s open legs and slipped his cock into her pussy. I reached down and put a finger on Tracy’s clit. I gently rubbed it making her gasp as Marie fucked her.

After few minutes of this, Marie asked if I had a condom and did I want to fuck Tracy. I said yes to both questions. He pulled out of Tracy as I rolled on the condom. Marie stood to one side as I got between Tracy’s legs. I had to stand on tip toe to enter her pussy as the bed was a couple of inches too high for my short legs. I fucked Tracy for a bit before having to stop and go back fully onto my feet. I then went back on tip toe and entered Tracy again. Marie asked “is that too high for you?” I said yes the bed was just too high but he said he meant was Tracy’s pussy too high for me. He handed me a cushion to stand on. That gave me just enough height to save me standing on my toes.

Now I was at the right height, I was able to fuck Tracy hard until she came. Marie was playing with her tits as Tracy sucked his cock. Once Tracy had cum, she said she needed a break. I pulled out and took the condom off. Marie reached his hand out and tried to touch my cock saying “my, isn’t that a big one”. I moved out of his reach, got my towel and said thank you to them before leaving them to sort themselves out.

I left not long after the club was pretty empty by now and it was late.

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27 January 2019 - 05:03 PM

Spunky n Q 

03 April 2019 - 08:47 AM
subtlety is the best way
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