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“….he Didn’T Use A Condom….?

Diane and I arranged to meet at the club again. I had been chatting to the younger lady from my last visit and she said she and the other lady were planning on going that day too.

Diane and I met in the club, had a chat and sit in the jacuzzi before she asked me if I had my oil with me and would I give her a massage. On the way to the massage room I saw the 2 ladies and said hello to them.

Diane laid down on the massage table and I massaged her. She took me in her mouth and I fucked her mouth as I played with her pussy. I then went down on her and licked and played with her pussy making it even wetter. I fucked her pussy in the missionary position before Diane told me she wanted to sit on me. I got off her and let her get off the bed. I then laid back and she climbed back on straddling my waist. She leant forward and kissed me as she moved her hips over my cock. Once it was in the right position, Diane slid back a little and my cock slipped inside her pussy. We kissed a bit more as she moved her hips fucking my cock. Diane then sat up and rose up and down on my cock as I played with her nipples and tits.

Diane climbed off my cock, took it her mouth and sucked it for a while as I tried to play with her pussy. She moved just out of reach before saying she needed a break. We went to get a tea and chatted in the pool. She said she was going to see what else was happening and left me talking to the blondes. They were teasing and flirting with a young bloke. The younger one was letting him cuddle and hold her but each time he tried to play with her, she would move away. I stood talking to them and laughing at the teasing going on. The young lad gave up and left them talking to me. Again nothing happened between us apart from just chatting.

I went to get a tea and look for Diane. I couldn’t see her at first then saw her in a room with a viewing window. She was in there with 2 men. I watched her in the 3-some for a while. The men were playing with her as she would suck each in turn. One of the men moved and started to fuck Diane. I suddenly realised he was not wearing a condom. The other man seemed to be happy with Diane’s oral skills and came in her mouth. Once he had cum, he moved back and the other man offered Diane his cock to suck. She took it in his mouth and soon had his cum in her mouth as well.

When I saw Diane later, I said to her you do realise “he didn’t use a condom”. She said she had and had decided to take the risk as she didn’t like them. I was taken aback by this as we had agreed a long time ago that sex with anyone else would be protected, it was only without between us. I must admit I was rather disappointed that she had allowed the man to fuck her without a condom. It made me question how much I could trust her to be safe in the future and whether I would need to wear a condom in future.

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26 December 2018 - 11:52 AM
Wow, in the swinging life style, safe sex is just so important. That must be quite disturbing for you.


01 January 2019 - 08:01 PM
safety first!

Spunky n Q 

03 April 2019 - 08:32 AM
Oh dear
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