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IM A Bit Tight, You Might Not Fit.

Another trip to the club and after the normal shower, jacuzzi and walk about routine, I was standing in the pool talking an older couple. We spoke for a bit before the lady moved closer to me and started to play with my cock under the water. It quickly got hard and she held it in her hand and asked me if I would fuck her with it. Her husband was stood beside her and said he liked to watch. I put a condom on as she leant back against her husband. I got between her open and legs and was just about to enter her pussy when she said Im a bit tight, you might not fit in with that one. I pushed my cock into her pussy, yes it was tight but I was soon sliding in and out of pussy with little trouble. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I held her hips as her husband supported her shoulders. I reached down with one hand and rubbed her clit as I fucked her pussy. She let out a loud gasp as she came. Her body jack knifed with her bum going down as she came. Her husband and I caught her before she disappeared under the water. I lifted her back up and tried to enter her pussy again but she said not to as her muscles spasm and closes when she cums.

I stood talking to them for a few minutes before I said I was going to get tea. I went to the tea hut and bumped into Will . We said hello and spoke for a few minutes. He asked me if Diane was with me and looked disappointed when I said no she wasnt. He said he had come with a couple of ladies and would introduce me to them. We left the tea hit with our drinks and went to meet his friends.

We found Wills friends in a room. He introduced me to the three of them. One was dark haired and quite slim. The other 2 were quite large ladies. The youngest looked about 20 and I later found out she was 22. The other was older both were blonde. I spoke to the dark haired lady at first but it was clear she was just there to socialise.

The 2 blondes said they were good friends and played with each other quite often even with the younger one staying over when the other ladys husband was away. After a bit of chat, I wandered off to see what else was happening.

There wasnt so I went back to speak to Will and the ladies. They had moved to a different room. The younger lady was on the bed with the older one using an electric vibrator on her. There were a number of men in the room all watching the show and most were playing with themselves. It was very apparent that the ladies were only interested in each other and didnt want any man joining them. The vibrator soon had the younger lady cumming and it was a good job the vibrator was a waterproof as she became very wet when she came.

The ladies swapped over and the younger lady started working on the other with the vibrator. Again, it was a good job that the vibrator was waterproof as this lady squirted when she came.

After several orgasms, the ladies decided to take a break and headed off to get a drink. I spoke to them later in the pool. Nothing else happened that evening apart from chatting to the 2 ladies.

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Spunky n Q 

03 April 2019 - 08:39 AM
always nice to see a show though
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