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What Can I Do For You Two In Return…?

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Diane and I arranged to meet at the club. I was in the jacuzzi when I saw Diane walk by. She got changed and joined me in the jacuzzi. We kissed and chatted catching up on what we had been up to since the last time we had seen each other.

Diane asked me if I had my oil with me as she wanted a massage again. I got the bottle from the locker and joined her in the massage room. I massaged her back and legs before she wiggled her bum at me. I took the hint and massaged her bum. She opened her legs and I ran my finger lightly over her pussy lips a couple of times before I slipped one between her lips. I felt that Diane was quite wet already. I played with her pussy, making it wetter until Diane said she wanted to turn over.

I massaged her shoulders then played with her tits. Diane moved on the bed so she could take my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock as I reached down and played with her pussy again. I fucked her mouth as I played with her pussy. After a bit, I moved and went down on Diane’s pussy. I licked and played with it as she played with my cock. I was getting her close to orgasm when she stopped me. She said she didn’t want to cum just yet. We got up from the bed, put our towels on and left the room to get a drink.

In the tea hut, we met Josie and Dan . This led to a lot of chatting both in the tea hut and the pool. Michelle joined us as we stood in the pool talking. After a bit Michelle had to leave; Josie and Dan started to kiss and play with each other. I looked at Diane in the hope that she might want to play as a 4-some with Josie and Dan. Instead Diane said she wanted to get a drink. I went with her to the tea hut.

Once we had out drinks, we went to a room which had cushions on the floor around the walls. We sat chatting and drinking our teas. A man came in and laid down close to Diane. He opened his towel and started to play with his cock while looking towards Diane. He got his cock hard and continued to play with it. He was very large and it was clear he was offering it to Diane for her to join him. But she ignored him and we continued to talk. I said something about how I hated it when men played with themselves when it was clear a couple were not interested and just chatting. A few minutes later he took that hint and left the room. A bit later Diane said she wanted to get another tea.

As we were getting a tea, a man joined us. Both of us had spoken to Will before. He chatted to us and said he had seen Diane getting the massage and how much he had enjoyed watching through the window. He asked me what I used as oil and said he used a scented oil. Diane asked him he knew how to massage then. He replied he did. With that Diane said she hadn’t had a 4 handed massage for a long time and were we up to giving her one. Both of us obviously said yes.

The three of us went to the massage room and Diane laid on the bed again. Will and I started to massage Diane’s back. Diane opened her legs as I massaged her bum and Will worked on her shoulders. I played with her pussy again. After a bit I took over on Diane’s shoulders as Will played with her pussy. Diane turned over and both of us massaged Diane’s front. I kissed Diane before moving my mouth down to take one of her nipples in my mouth. Will did the same as we both played with Diane’s pussy.

My hard cock was pushing against Diane’s arm. She moved her arms and took my cock in one hand and Will’s in the other. We stood up and Diane said that she had enjoyed the massage then asked “what can I do for you two in return?”

With that Diane pulled my cock towards her and took it into her mouth again. Will moved and went down on Diane’s pussy as she sucked my cock. I moved and swapped with Will. Diane took his cock in her mouth. He was still quite soft and she did her best with her mouth and hands to make him hard. As she worked on his cock, I knelt up and put my cock against her pussy. I fucked Diane as she carried on trying to get Will hard.

I fucked Diane for a while. Her bum was on the end of the bed as I stood up fucking her. She had her legs up with her ankles resting on my shoulders. I reached down and played with her clit as I fucked her. This soon had the desired effect and she came with my cock in her pussy.

After Diane had cum she sat up and said how much fun that had been. We got our towels and left the room. Diane went to get a drink from the water cooler leaving me with Will. He said to me that he felt a bit overwhelmed and hadn’t been able to get hard. Diane re-joined us and Will said he would leave us alone. Once he had gone, Diane said she was a concerned that she hadn’t turned Will on or been his type as she couldn’t get him hard. I laughed and told her what he had told me about being overwhelmed.

Not long after that Diane said she had to leave. I said I was going to stay for a bit longer. Josie and Dan had disappeared while we had been in the massage room. I wasn’t sure if they were in a room or had left. I went to have a look around and found a couple playing in the main room. There was a round bed and they were surrounded by a group of men all playing with their cocks. One of them was the man who had offered himself to Diane. The couple on the bed were not allowing anyone to touch them but the lady was clearly watching the men playing with themselves. I stood by the bed watching too. The lady saw the man from earlier and reached out her hand to touch his cock. She said wow and pulled him towards her. She took his cock in her mouth and played with his cock. He offered to put a condom on but she shook her head. With that her partner said enough and they got up and left the room.

I found Josie and Dan and said good bye to them as it was getting late and I was ready to leave. So ended another create time at the club.

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