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Surprise Pool Sex

I had gone to the club again as Josie had said she was going. She was going with Dan and said it would be good to catch up again.

I met Josie and Dan and we chatted for a while over a couple of cups of tea in various places. We ended up standing in the pool when I saw Michelle come into the pool area. She dropped her towel and entered the pool. As she got in she saw Jo, Dan and me and came to join us. Michelle gave me a kiss and said hello. The four of us chatted for a bit.

Michelle was standing next to me and I felt her hand touching my cock under the water. A bit surreal to be standing in the water holding a “normal” conversation as a lady was playing with my cock under the water. Michelle turned slightly so her back was to me. I put my arms round her and pulled her close to me. I held her tits in my hands as my cock got hard and pressed against her bum. Michelle turned in my arms and kissed me. Jo and Dan drifted away, leaving Michelle and me in the pool.

Michelle kissed me as I held against me with 1 arm, I moved the other down until I touch her between her legs. I played with her pussy before slipping a finger inside her. I finger fucked Michelle until she threw her head back and let out a loud groan. I carried on playing with her through the orgasm and made her cum a second time. This time I felt a hot sensation on my fingers as she squirted as she came. A third orgasm later and Michelle pulled away. She stood looking at me and shaking a bit. I went to hold her but she said she needed a moment to recover as I had made her too sensitive to carry on.

It took Michelle a minute or two to recover then she moved to me and took my hard cock in her hand. She played with it as I reached down to play with her pussy again. She moved so I couldn’t reach it as she said she was still too sensitive for me to play with her like that. She wanked my cock for a bit as I kissed her mouth. Our tongues thrusting into each other’s mouths. I asked Michelle if I could put a condom on. She said I had better. I took a condom out of the packet and rolled it over my cock under the water. Michelle grabbed a noodle float and put it behind her shoulders. She leant back on the float and wrapped her legs around my waist. I put my cock against her pussy and she pulled herself onto my cock with her legs. My cock slipped deeply in to her pussy. As it reached its full length inside her she put her head back and gave a little cry or pleasure.

I slowly fucked her, Michelle’s legs holding me in her pussy so I could use my hands to play with her tits and nipples. I could feel she was getting close to another orgasm so I dropped my hands onto her hips and pulled her onto my cock. She came as I thrust hard into her pussy. Her pussy fought me as I tried to keep it inside her; her muscles clamping hard trying to push my cock out. Michelle was gasping and moaning as the orgasm flowed through her.

When her muscles relaxed, I continued to fuck her. She came another couple of times before her legs released me and she put her feet down. She looked at me as she shuddered in post orgasmic mode. I put my arms round her to hold her as she slowly recovered. I kissed Michelle and she said she needed to get a drink and recover in the jacuzzi.
We chatted for a while over a tea before Michelle said she had to get ready as she needed to go to work. We kissed again before she left me to get changed. I walked about and found Josie and Dan in the smoking hut. We chatted some more before I said I had to be going. I said good bye to them, got dressed and left.

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11 September 2018 - 10:21 PM
how the hell do you go to work after that!?! amazing
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