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"do You Want To Try Being Spanked.....?"

Diane and I messaged each and arranged to meet up at the club again. I got there first and went in. I changed and was sitting in the jacuzzi when Diane arrived. She spotted me and came to say hello and give me a kiss. She went to change while I waited for her in the jacuzzi. After a while she came and joined me. We chatted catching up with each other.

We decided to go for a walk around to see what happening. As we passed the changing rooms, Diane asked me if I had my oil with me. When I said it was in my locker, she asked me if I wanted to get it as she wanted a massage. I got it and we walked to the massage room. It was empty so we went in and locked the door behind us.

Diane put her towel on the massage table and laid down on her front. I massaged her back and shoulders before massaging her lovely bum. As I massaged her bum cheeks, I was able to catch glimpses of her shaven pussy lips. By now my cock was hard and brushing against Diane’s hip. She reached down and back with her hand to grasp it. She gently stroked it as I slipped a finger between her thighs and started to run my finger over her pussy.

She let out a slow groan and told me to move so she could reach my cock with her mouth. I did as I was told and as soon as it was within reach, Diane took it into her mouth. She sucked and licked the head as I carried on playing with her pussy. I could feel her pussy getting wet as I ran my finger over her clit.

Diane rolled over onto her back and I started to play with and then suck her lovely big tits. Diane took my cock into her mouth as I did that. She put her hand between my legs, reached up to grasp my bum and pulled me closer to her mouth. She sucked my cock as I stood by her head trying to concentrate on playing with her tits and pussy.

I moved so that I could climb onto the massage table and got between her spread thighs. I knelt down and started to lick her wet pussy. I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy as I licked her. This was soon making her wriggle on the table as she got closer to orgasm. Just before her orgasm hit, she told me enough and to stop. I asked her why and she said, she didn’t want to cum just yet.

We got our towels and left the room to see a number of men lurking around the door. They had been watching but were trying to look like they weren’t. One man came over to say to Diane how much he had enjoyed the show. I said “Thanks” and he replied “oh yes, thanks to you too”. I walked off with Diane saying to her that I liked the way it was just her he had thanked after all, I had been there helping to make it a good show for him.

We had a cup of tea and then went for a walk about. We ended up sitting in a room just chilling out and relaxing. A number of men came in but didn’t say anything to either of us. Diane went to have a swim and I went to chat to a lady I knew in the smoking area.

I chatted to the lady for a bit before a very attractive blonde lady who was also smoking with her friend looked at me and said my name before asking if she was correct. We hadn’t met before but she had my name correct. She then said a number of things which were uncannily accurate about me. I asked her how she knew those details. She said she was psychic. I still don’t know if that was true or not but the details were very accurate.

Diane came back to me and said she was going to make a move as she had lost the “feeling”. We kissed good bye and I thanked her for the good time we had earlier on. She left me taking to the two ladies who introduced themselves as Julie (blonde) and her friend, Sally. After a while, Julie said she was a dom and was I interested in that side of things. I said it was my thing I had no real interest in it. She said she was going to the dungeon with Sally to see if they could find someone who was and did I want to watch?

We walked to the dungeon and walked into the room with a spider’s web. Julie asked I was sure that I didn’t want to be tied to it; she would be gentle with me. I passed on that but a man who was stood in the door way asked if he could. He put his arms up and spread his legs. Julie and Sally took it in turns to smack his bum. He asked them not to mark him so they could go too hard. When they had finished with him, they asked if anyone else wanted to go next.

A lady stepped forward and asked if she could. Julie and Sally said yes so she stepped up to the web. As she did another lady asked if she could too. Both ladies were tied to the web at the same time. Julie took one lady and Sally the other. Both were smacked on the bum, caressed and teased until they came.

After they were released another man stepped up and asked if he could be next. He received the same treatment as the first man. When the ladies had finished with him, they let him go and Julie looked at me and said “come on, your turn now”. I hesitantly stepped forward taking my towel off and faced the web. It started with Sally running her finger nails over my back in a very sensual way. She ran her nails over my back and bum as well as reaching between my legs to caress my balls. I was just starting to get hard when Julie took over and gently smacked my bum. She alternated between smacking and caressing it.

After a bit, I was told to turn round. I did and Julie moved close to me, grasped my cock and whispered in my ear that it looked like I had enjoyed that. I said the smacking didn’t do anything for me but the caressing and nails run over my back had. She stroked my cock for a few minutes more before releasing it. I got my towel and the 3 of us left the room. We went back to the smoking area and chatted for a bit. They went to get changed into clothes from their towels.

Once they were dressed, the ladies came to join me again. I was sat on a bench and Julie sat next to me. Sally said she was going to leave and would see Julie next time. Julie was beside me so I turned and put one leg either side the bench. Julie looked at my legs and reached under my towel to gently stroke my cock under my towel. She put one leg over the bench in the same way as me. As she was stroking my cock, I reached under her skirt and stroked her pussy through her knickers. We carried on talking for a bit until she said I better stop she didn’t want to make her knickers wet.

I said there was 2 ways that they wouldn’t get wet; either she took them off or I stopped. She looked at me and said we should go to a cabin so she could take them off as she wasn’t going to do that where we were. We went to one of the cabins, shut and locked the door. I put my towel down on the bed and Julie sat on it. She took my cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth. As she sucked me, she guided me round so that I was stood next to the bed and then pushed me back so I was laid on my back. Julie knelt beside me and I helped pull her knickers off as she carried on sucking me.

I reached under her skirt and my fingers easily slipped into her wet pussy. She let out a groan as I did so. Julie took her dress and bra off too before lying back naked on the bed. I sucked and played with her nipples and tits as well as playing with her pussy as she played with my cock. Then it was on with the condom and I got between her thighs. My cock slipped easily into her welcoming pussy. I fucked her like that before she decided to go on top. I laid on the bed again and she rode my cock as I played with her tits. I reached between us and got a finger to her clit. That and riding my cock had her cumming very quickly. She rode me through that orgasm before collapsing onto me. We kissed and cuddled until she had recovered enough to move. Julie moved off and laid next to me. I took the condom off and played with my cock as she played with my balls until I came.

After cumming, we kissed and cuddled before dressing and leaving the room. Julie went to leave but gave me her user name on the web site first. We said we would try and meet up again before too long. Once Julie had gone, I dressed and left too.

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07 July 2018 - 07:15 AM
Would love to meet Julie.

Spunky n Q 

19 August 2018 - 11:58 AM
another terrific write up
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