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Three Firsts For Her

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Less than a week after spending the evening together, Rebecca and I arranged to make a trip to another club together. This was to be Rebecca’s first visit to this club but which is my regular haunt. She was quite nervous about going but said she was happy to go with me as she knew she could trust me to look after her. We discussed about what happens there and what she wanted to do or not do. When I said that everyone was naked apart from a towel, Rebecca said she wasn’t comfortable to wear just a towel. I said that some ladies wore a dressing gown or a wrap. She said she would be happier in a dressing gown too.

I sent Rebecca a text in the morning to check she was still able to go. She replied saying she was but wanted to buy a dressing gown and could I stop on the way at a shop in the next town after I had picked her up so she could buy one. I said yes but wasn’t overly happy as it was a bit out of the way.

I picked up Rebecca and drove her to the shop in the next town. They did not have one that she wanted though. The shop assistant suggested another shop a mile or two away. We drove there and looked around but they did not have one either. As I waited for Rebecca to look around, I sent a message to Josie about being dragged round the shops looking for a dressing gown. She just replied with “LOL”. The assistant in this shop suggested another one which might have a dressing gown. Rebecca asked if it would be OK to try there. I couldn’t really say no so we went to the next one.

At that shop, I sent another message to Josie updating her on shopping progress. Rebecca came back to me and said they didn’t have one either so she was going to have to just wear a towel. I assured her she would be fine and that I was sure she would be OK once she got there; it was just her apprehension that made her want the dressing gown.

We arrived at the club and paid our entrance fee. Rebecca and I went to the changing rooms and undressed before showering. After drying off and after wrapping ourselves in towels, I showed Rebecca around the club. She said she liked it and wanted to go to the pool.

In the pool, Rebecca swam for a bit before coming and talking to me beside the pool edge. She had told me that a man she knew might be there with a lady. As we talked, she saw the man and lady and introduced me to them. The 4 of us chatted for a bit before they left Rebecca and me alone.

Rebecca and I started to kiss and cuddle. My cock was soon hard and pressing against Rebecca’s stomach. She put both hands around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. I dropped my hands under her bum and supported her. I reached under her bum and let my fingers play with her pussy. Rebecca let out gasps and moans as I started to make her cum. As she came she cried out and let her head fall backwards.

I moved round and once she able to use her hands to hold onto the pool wall to support herself, I opened a condom wrapper, took it out and rolled it over my cock under the water. As soon as it was on fully, I rubbed my cock over her pussy lips until it was in the correct position. Then with a thrust, I forced it between her lips. She let go of the pool wall and wrapped her hands round my neck. I slowly and gently fucked her pussy until she came again. This time though, I didn’t let her relax but carried on fucking her through the orgasm so that she quickly came a second time. This was followed by a third. After that she said enough. I stopped thrusting and just left my cock deep inside her pussy as we kissed and cuddled. Finally she said that she needed to have a rest.

I pulled out of her pussy, took the condom off and asked Rebecca how she liked sex in the pool. She said that she had never done that before – her second “first” of the afternoon – and had really enjoyed it. By now we had attracted a bit of an audience and Rebecca said she had never had sex in front of others before – her third “first”.

After chatting for a few more minutes, I saw Charlie had come into the pool and introduced her to Rebecca. We chatted for a few minutes before Rebecca said she wanted to go to the toilet. She got out of the pool leaving Charlie and I talking. After about 20 minutes, I said I had better get out and find Rebecca as she had not returned to the pool.

I had just got out when Rebecca appeared. She said she had seen her friend in the shower and had joined him in there. She also said that if I had been quicker, I could have joined in too. Oh well, next time….

We spent the next couple of hours walking around, sitting down chatting to people and sitting in the jacuzzi. We went back to the pool and were standing by the wall chatting to a single man who was there. I had seen and chatted to him on previous occasions. Rebecca put her arms round my neck and started to kiss me again. This led to her wrapping her legs round my waist and me holding her bum. The man we had been chatting to was still standing next to us and I thought Rebecca was allowing him to touch her under the water as I could see his hand stroking her leg as we kissed. As she hadn’t said anything, I turned slightly, moving her closer to him. He carried on stroking her leg but she reached out and used the wall to push herself so she was away from him with me in between them. This was obviously a sign that she did not want him to touch her after all. I caught his eye and rolled my eyes as if to say “sorry”.

Rebecca and I fucked in the pool again until she had cum a number of times and said no more as she was too sensitive to carry on. By now it was getting late and we decided to leave. We got dressed and I drove her home. We kissed and said good bye and agreed that we would have to go to the club again before too long. So ended an evening where Rebecca had had 3 first time experieces.

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