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Watching Tv In Bed.....or Perhaps Not

Rebecca and I had been exchanging some messages about meeting again. I was due to go away with work early on a Sunday morning one weekend. When I had gone away like this before, I had gone to the club in the countryside before going to work as it was not really worth going to bed as I had to be up that early. I spoke to Rebecca and said I was thinking of going to the club and would she like to come with me. She suggested that I went round to her place instead and we could watch TV or a film together in bed as well as have sex.

I liked the idea of that plus it saved me driving for a couple of hours to get the club. We arranged that I would go to her place but I was to be discrete as she had her lodger in that night. Not quite sure how I could be discrete as I was going to be staying in her room for a few hours. I got to her house but didn’t see her lodger as he had his girlfriend staying and they stayed in his room.

Rebecca and I sat chatting for an hour or so as well as discussing what we were going to watch in her laptop. Once we had decided, we took her laptop and went upstairs to her room. I started to undress as Rebecca was in the bathroom. She came into the room to find me already in her bed. I watched her undress. Once she was naked, she got into bed and we cuddled and kissed.

The cuddle and kisses went on and on. My cock had the natural reaction and became hard. I touched Rebecca’s pussy to find that had had the natural reaction and was very wet. My finger slipped inside her pussy easily and she let out a little groan. I reached over for a condom, rolled it before letting my cock slip inside Rebecca’s pussy. We fucked hard and fast as it was obvious Rebecca wanted it like that. She came a couple of times, each time she came, I felt the familiar warm fluids squirting over my cock and balls.

Rebecca eventually said she needed to have a break as she couldn’t take any more for now. I lay beside her and took the condom off. We kissed and cuddled and chatted for what must have been 30 or 40 minutes. I can’t be certain as we lost track of time.

Rebecca must have recovered enough as she kissed my chest before moving her head under the cover. She moved her head until I felt her lips opening and taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked and played with my cock for a while. I tried to reach around her to reach her pussy with my fingers. But she wriggled away so I couldn’t reach it. Once Rebecca decided she had sucked my cock for long enough, she asked me for a condom.

I handed her the rubber which she rolled over my cock. As soon as it was covered, she swung a leg over my hips and positioned my cock against her pussy and sat down on it. She rode my cock as I held and played with her tits. Every so often, I felt a gush as she squirted and came on my cock. My groin was soaked as was the sheet. I pushed my hand down between our bodies and felt for Rebecca’s pussy and clit. I found the spot and Rebecca cried out she cumming and collapsed over me. She was a quivering wreck and just lay on top of me with my cock impaling her pussy and my hand trapped between us. I couldn’t move my fingers as she lay on top of me. I pulled my hand out and held her tightly as she came back to earth after the massive orgasm.

Finally Rebecca rolled off me and laid beside me. I cuddled and kissed her gently helping her to recover. We must have drifted off to sleep like that as the next thing I knew was my alarm clock going off. I had a quick shower before heading off to work leaving Rebecca to sleep. She did blame me for making the sheet so wet when we next spoke!

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05 July 2018 - 06:03 AM
very nice

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