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Mates....just Mates

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A week after deciding to take a break, Josie and I were still chatting daily. I had my work roster changed at short notice which meant that I would have 3 very early morning starts in a row. I have a long commute to work so I decided to book a hotel in the area for one of the nights. The other advantage of staying in the area was that it was close to the club and I would be able to pay a visit that evening. I said to Josie I was going to be visiting the club and she said she was free that evening and could do with a jacuzzi. We arranged to meet up outside the club and go in together.

I was just pulling into the hotel car park when I had a feeling that I might have made a mistake with the booking. I checked the booking on my phone and to my horror, I had booked the room for about 4 weeks in the future. I have no idea how I had made the mistake but… I thought for a few minutes about driving home or rebooking for tonight. I checked the hotel’s web site and found they had rooms and the price was not too bad. I decided to rebook.

I checked into the room, quickly washed and changed before heading out for the club. I was almost there when Josie messaged me to say she was caught up in traffic and would be late. I parked up and waited till she said she was very close. I got to the club car park just in time to see her parking.

We hugged each other and said hello before going into the club together. After paying the entrance, we undressed, showered and headed for the jacuzzi. We sat in there for a bit just chatting and catching up. We were joined by a couple of men who soon got the message that we were not interested and were there to just chat to each other.

We moved to the pool and chatted more there. We had a frank talk about how things were between us and both agreed that we had moved on from the casual sex to a good friendship. Neither of us wanted to do anything that would put our friendship in jeopardy and if that meant that we would not be playing together then so be it; friendship was more important to both of us. Sometimes it is more important to have someone you can talk openly about everything; someone who is not judgemental and understands than to have a casual sexual relationship with.

Once we had discussed and sorted out our relationship we moved back to the jacuzzi. I must admit it was a bit surreal standing in a pool talking to a lady about how we had become friends when you are both naked.

We were chatting to another lady in the jacuzzi when we were joined by a foreign looking man. We carried on chatting about various topics, nothing overly sexual. It was obvious we were there just chatting and for no other reason. The two ladies were sitting in opposite corners and I was next to Josie. The man sat in the corner between the 2 ladies and almost immediately started to reach out under water to touch Josie’s leg. I looked at him and shook my head. He pulled his hand back but a couple of minutes later he was reaching out again. Josie moved to the other side of me and sat in the corner opposite the man. A few minutes later, he raised himself up a bit and let his hard cock stand up out of the water. The ladies looked at it and just laughed. He lowered himself but then raised up again. The other lady said “oh look it’s a dick, I’ve never seen one before”. Josie said “a dick attached to a dick...” When he did it the third time, the other lady turned to him and told him to stop it as no one was interested and if he did again she would ask him to leave. He did again and she carried out her threat. He left and we carried on chatting in peace until it close to closing time.

Josie and I changed and walked out to the car park. We had a hug before leaving to go our separate ways. I got back to my hotel at about half past midnight and was going to be up that morning at 4. So much for staying in the area to get some sleep. It had been a great evening though, just chatting, joking and laughing with Josie with no expectation of anything else……just mates.

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