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“Yes, That’S More Than 3 Inches…”

Another visit to the club and I ended up in the swimming pool talking to two ladies. I hadn’t seen them before even though they said they had been before. We were just chatting when they said something about 3 inches. I asked what they meant by that. They told me it was a private joke about a man who had been there before and they had been disappointed to find that he only had 3 inches even when hard.

Charlie looked at me and asked if I had more than 3 inches. I replied that she would have to find out for herself. She stuck her hand out and had a little feel of my soft cock. She looked at Louise and said, “Yes that’s more than 3 inches”. We carried on chatting for a bit before I said I was going to get out of the pool as I was starting to feel cold. It was quite obvious that there would be nothing more than chatting with these two ladies at that time.

I went to get a cup of tea and was drinking it when I saw Michelle walking past. I caught up with her and said hello. Michelle was heading towards the pool so I said I would join her. We stood chatting to each other in the water.

Michelle moved close to me and started to play with my cock under the water. Once it was hard, she said it was time to get a condom on as she wanted it inside her. I did as told and we fucked in the water for a while. Michelle came a number of times through my cock and fingers playing with her pussy.

Finally she said she couldn’t take any more for now and I pulled out of her pussy. I held and kissed Michelle as she recovered. We chatted some more before heading off to get a drink.

We saw Charlie and Louise as we were drinking. Michelle asked them if there was anything going on. Charlie replied that there was an orgy in one of the rooms in the dungeon area. I said to Michelle that I was going to have a look in that case. I got to the room just as everyone was getting up from the bed and leaving. Great timing again – arriving just as the orgy had ended.

I went back to join Michelle, Charlie and Louise. We chatted some more before Michelle asked me if I wanted to go to the pool. We stood talking in the pool as Michelle played with my cock under the water. I asked her if I should put a condom on again but she said she would just give me a nice wank this time. She played with my cock for a few minutes before we were joined by Charlie and Louise. They chatted to us which distracted Michelle from wanking my cock. I wasn’t too bothered and just joined in the chat.

It was soon time for Michelle to get ready for her shift, so she left me in the pool and went to the changing rooms. I had another walk about but there was nothing else happening so decided it was time for me to leave too.

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14 January 2018 - 10:27 AM
Thats a shame


29 January 2018 - 07:09 AM
I need to get out more!
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