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Forgetting To Breathe

After a long period where the club in the middle of the countryside had been closed, I was able to pay a visit a couple of weeks after it had reopened. I got to the club not knowing what to expect as I had a feeling numbers would be down due to the long closure. I went in and saw numbers were certainly down as there were about 30 or 40 people there. A good mix of couples and men though. I spoke to a couple of people I knew from previous visits before getting a towel and going to sit in the jacuzzi.

I spent some time in the jacuzzi before getting out to see what else was going on. The short answer was nothing. I had a drink and went back to the jacuzzi. There was a couple in the water and I got in and said hello to them and introduced myself. The lady said she was Joanne but I canít remember his name.

After a few minutes, they started to play with each other. I sat watching and gently stroking my cock under the water. When the lady reached out with her leg and put it on my knee, I dropped my other hand under the water and stroked her calf. That led to me stroking her thigh before touching her pussy. The next 30 minutes or so was spent with me playing with her pussy making her cum numerous times. She reached the higher level where she was cumming continuously to such an extent that her partner had to tell her to breathe. He explained that when she reaches that level, she can forget to breathe and pass out.

Eventually she managed to gasp that she had enough and needed to take a break for a few minutes. I sat back down on the other side of the jacuzzi and let her recover in her partnerís arms. Once she had recovered enough, they got out of the jacuzzi to get a drink.

I stayed in the water and relaxed. It wasnít long before they were back and we carried on as before. After a while, Joanne had to be reminded to breathe again as she kept cumming. I eased up with my fingers to give her a chance to recover. As I did that she turned to face her partner and pushed her bum towards my cock. I played with her pussy like that but she pushed down towards my cock. I moved to one side in order to put a condom on. Once it was on, I let Joanne sit on my cock. She rode my cock while kissing her partner. Each time she fell onto my cock, I would thrust up so she rode my cock hard. That soon had her cumming again and again.

Joanne came again and pushed her pussy hard down on my cock but suddenly leapt off and lay quivering in her partnerís arms. He held her tightly as she came down from her ecstatic high. I had never seen anyone so turned on or cumming so many times in such a short time. She could hardly speak and had almost passed out. Her partner said she gets so turned on and not only forgets to breathe but can go on for too long so she ends up in the state she was in. Also she did not always allow the man to fuck her so she must have been excited to let me.

He had to help her out of the jacuzzi and into the main room. She could hardly walk unaided. I thanked her for a great time when she had recovered enough to understand what I was saying. They decided to leave when she had recovered. I left not long after too. So ended an evening which allowed me to experience a reaction that I had never seen before.

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22 September 2017 - 08:30 AM
Bloody hell.

Spunky n Q 

30 October 2017 - 09:54 AM
another great write up
Q sometimes doesn't breathe but then I take my foot off her neck
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