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Social Meeting

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I was going to be away with work and posted a meet request on the swinging site saying where and when I would be. I had done this on a number of other occasions to no success so wasn’t expecting anything this time either.

However, a couple of days before leaving, I had a message from a couple asking where I would be as they were interested in meeting me. After getting over the initial shock, I replied and we arranged to meet in the bar of the hotel that I was staying in.

I got to the hotel and checked in. I was told my room had been upgraded. When I got to the room, I found it was a 2 room apartment; sitting room with a kitchen area and massive bedroom. Things were looking good. I went out to a local shop and got a bottle of wine just in case we did get to the stage of going back to my room. Back in the room, I had just got out of the shower when my mobile received a text. They had arrived a few minutes early and were in the bar. I replied saying I would be down in a couple of minutes.

I walked into the bar but couldn’t see a couple. There was an attractive dark haired lady sitting in the corner of the bar but no sign of a man. I had seen a photo of the couple and thought this was the lady from the photo. I went over and cautiously asked if she was Anne. She said yes.. phew. I apologised for being late and she said that John had gone to the toilet. They had got some drinks so I went to the bar and got myself one.

I sat next to Anne as John came back. We introduced ourselves and sat chatting and getting to know each other. Anne was wearing a dress with a hem line that was just above the knee. As she crossed her legs, I would get a flash of her bare thigh. We were getting on well, laughing and joking and all seemed promising.

We had been in the bar for over an hour when we had finished our second round of drinks and John offered to get another round in. I suggested that as I had a bottle of wine in the room, would they like to go there for a drink rather than paying the hotel prices. Anne looked a bit confused and looked at John. I said there was nothing else expected and the offer was for a drink. But to give them a chance to discuss it, I said I was going to the toilet.

I left them alone and went to the toilet and came back to find them still there. At least they hadn’t run out on me. I sat back down and smiled at Anne. John looked at me and said sorry but we think we will be going, nothing personal, that I was a great bloke, how relaxed they both had felt and enjoyed my company but they wanted to leave. Obviously not what I wanted to hear but it is their choice. I said that it wasn’t a problem and thanked them for meeting me. With that, they got their things and left.

I sent them a message on the site later thanking them for their company and gave them a verification saying that they were genuine. A couple of days later, they left me a verification saying how relaxed I was and a real gentleman. A shame they hadn’t wanted to take it further but that is and always will be their choice.

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