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Another Very Wet Afternoon

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A couple of weeks later and I was able to pay another visit to the club. Michelle had said she was going as well and we arranged to meet up there. I met Michelle in the jacuzzi and we chatted before she moved to join me on my side of the jacuzzi. She sat astride my lap, kissed me and played with my cock until it was hard. Once it was fully hard she got me to sit on the side and sucked my cock. After that Michelle lent over the side and I put a condom on and started to fuck her from behind. We were joined by another man who sat on one side watching. He didn’t try to join in or anything, just watched.

I pulled Michelle back while still in her pussy so she was sitting on my cock as I was sitting on the seat in the bubbling water. Michelle rose and fell on my cock as I reached round her to play with her nipple with one hand and pussy with the other. When another man got in the jacuzzi and another appeared at the side ready to get in, we decided that we should stop as we were attracting too much attention.

We got a drink before heading to the pool. We were soon kissing again and playing with each other under water. That led to us fucking in the pool. Michelle laid back using a float behind her head to stop herself drowning as I fucked her and played with her clit. Once she had cum a number of times, she said she needed a break.

We got out of the water and got a drink and chatted while recovering. Later we were back in the pool talking to a lady we both knew. As we chatted, Michelle reached under the water and played with my cock until it was hard. Once it was hard, I moved behind Michelle and wrapped my hands round her. My cock slipped between Michelle’s legs and I gently thrust it between her legs and over her pussy lips. My hands were holding her large tits as I teased her pussy. All through that, we were still chatting to the other lady. The lady made some comments about what I was doing to Michelle to distract her from the conversation and how much Michelle looked like she was enjoying herself. The other lady said that was more than she had had that afternoon. I cheekily suggested she might like to join in but she declined and left us alone.

Once we were on our own, I turned Michelle round and let my cock slip between her legs from the front as I kissed her. My cock was teasing her clit again and I helped it with my hand. This was too much for Michelle and she came again. Once she had cum, she pushed me back so I was sitting on the steps. I was pushed back further so I was lying on the steps with my cock sticking out of the water. Michelle took it in her mouth and sucked my cock. She got me close to cumming before I stopped her and put a condom on. Once it was on Michelle sat on it with her back to me. I was still lying on the steps so was treated a great view of Michelle’s bum rising and falling as my cock slipped in and out of her pussy. It was a real turn on to see Michelle’s pussy lips being drawn down my cock as she rose and fell on it. It didn’t take much of that action for me to fill the condom.

We sat on the steps and had a cuddle and kiss before going and changing before we left.

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