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Wet Afternoon And A 3 - Some

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Michelle and I arranged to meet at the club on a mid-week afternoon. I got there first again and sat in the jacuzzi before heading to the dungeon area to have a look round. In one of the rooms, I found a couple playing on a bed. I stood watching from one side of the bed while she sucked a cock. She had her legs spread and I was looking between them to her shaven pussy. Her husband was playing with her pussy and he motioned for me to touch her pussy too. I dropped my towel and knelt between her legs and started to play with her pussy.

I started to finger her pussy. First one finger slipped in, then another and another until I had all my fingers inside her pussy. I couldnít get all my hand to fist her but got my fingers in up to my knuckles. The lady was writing on the bed as I thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy. She had been cumming frequently as I did that. Not a continuous orgasm but very much one rolling into the next. Each time she came, she would have a gush of hot liquid and her towel was getting wetter and wetter.

Eventually she rolled out from under me and sat back looking at me with a dazed look on her face. She looked at me just saying Oh my God! Once she had recovered, she pushed me back and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it before leaning forward and taking my entire length into her mouth. She would alternate between having my length down her throat until she gagged and sucking the head. I was still able to reach her pussy and played with it as she sucked my cock.

All too soon though she said she needed to take a break. I thanked her for a great time and left the rooms. I went to the pool and saw Michelle had arrived and was in the pool. I got in and said hello as well as kissing her. This lead to us playing with each other and me putting a condom and fucking Michelle in the pool.

After that, we went to get a drink before going back to the pool. I saw the lady from my previous visit was in the pool. I said hello and introduced her to Michelle. The three of us chatted for a while until the lady got out. I stayed with Michelle and we played with each other under the water. Another man stood near to us and Michelle let him join in. After a bit Michelle suggested we went into a room so we could have a 3-some in the dry. We left the pool and went to one of the lockable rooms.

Inside the room, Michele laid back and I knelt by her head to let her suck my cock. The other man put a condom on and started to fuck Michelleís pussy. We swapped positions and I put another condom and fucked Michelle as she played with his cock. I thought she looked uncomfortable with the situation. She was just playing with the manís cock and not taking it in her mouth. He shot his load over her hand and stood to one side of the bed as I came in Michelleís pussy.

Michelle thanked the man and he left the room. I asked Michelle if she was OK and she said she was now. I asked what was wrong and she said she just didnít like the look of the manís cock and hadnít wanted to take it in her mouth. She was OK with him fucking her but not with taking it in her mouth. We kissed and cuddled for bit longer before we decided to leave; me to go home and Michelle to go to work.

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