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My Fetishes

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I'm just very highly sexed and particularly enjoy highly sexed mature women who know how to let their inhibitions go and can be filthy submissive whore for me to dominate.

I find most women attractive and particularly enjoy smartly turned out women with full figure, shoulder length hair, demure on the surface but a real slut underneath that can be barely repressed, can talk dirty, moan like a whore when I'm banging her.

More at ease with my fetishes and fantasies as I grow older and more open-minded and adventurous in my sexual outlook that include:

+ stockings and heels (what man doesn't!)
+ cuckold milfs
+ shared wives
+ cumming on a woman's breasts
+ cumming on a woman's engorged cunt lips (and bush)
+ cumming down the back of a woman's throat
+ women who wear 'fuck-me' heels
+ having a woman sit on my face
+ wanking into a woman's knicks
+ panty stuffing a woman
+ cuckold wives (especially slutwives who sport an anklet)
+ MMF particularly spitroasting a hotwife
+ gangbanging a hotwife
+ gangbanging a blindfolded woman
+ gangbanging a woman in a sling
+ banging the office slut
+ gangbanging the office slut

Looking to share some dirty chat with couples and slutty women who wish to explore some roleplay adventures and share some filthy ideas.

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